Precision Demolition Company Ltd. Is an explosive demolition contracting company totally independent of any main stream demolition company. We are therefore able to provide main demolition contractors who employ our services with confidence that they are not introducing a competing demolition contractor to their clients.

We have the exclusive services of Mr John Faulkner who is both a chartered Civil Engineer and a qualified Explosives Engineer. This gives us the ability to offer ‘in house’ Chartered Engineer design facility to provide clients with a one stop shop for design and substantiation by structural calculation without the use of external consulting engineers who may not be familiar with the specialist nature of demolition explosive works on a world wide basis.

We make use of ‘state of the art’ detonation systems in pursuing our quest for continued development, to the best of our knowledge we were the world’s first in applying electronic detonator system to the explosive demolition of high rise buildings in 2008.

Winning the World demolition award in 2012 for the demolition of a complex steel framed high rise building in a very confined location.

We provide Consultancy Services for traditional mechanical demolition and the hire of a Brokk demolition robot equipment with a one off bespoke drilling attachment in addition to a conventional impact breaker.

In 2019 we also took on the UK partnership for the Ontaris explosives stock control system which provides a simple solution for explosives users to comply with the track and trace requirements of the 2014 Explosives Regulations. This is for the supply of systems, ongoing technical support including training of users.